So why Vis-à-Vis?

As someone who is not a stranger to the online dating scene, the founder of Vis-à-Vis came across many of the same frustrations as maybe you have, poor experiences in online dating – swiping unimaginatively, matching and never talking, being ghosted, distance problems, the ‘next best thing’ phenomenon.

Let’s face it, online dating is reaching a crisis point as it has lost its identity.  Are they dating sites? are they hook up sites? are they just something to do when you’re bored?  Maybe you have had a spell in all of those, however the truth is, dating online has its limitations and problems.

A short spell in London, introduced our founder to an unchartered world of well organised dating events, old fashioned you might think?  But not these! A chance for people to put their phones down for just one evening and actually meet people face to face. Scary concept??…

Well yes actually, he recounts that the thought of speed dating, and the reputation often portrayed in films left him numb as he arrived at the first event, particularly as an introvert by nature, but he then goes on to describe how “literally the moment I walked in and saw that everyone was in the same position I relaxed”.  As if astonished by his own words he describes how when the evening got in to full swing “I was very pleasantly surprised by the fact that they were actually enjoyable”.  These events attended by friends, work colleagues and lone singles (which included him) had arrived to enjoy a night out, something different, an event where 4 minutes with someone wasn’t scary, it was actually a laugh! A social opportunity and a chance to face someone rather than swipe them.

This very experience gave our founder the confidence to take on a successful application and appearance on Channel 4’s First Dates !

Safety is important to us, so there is no sharing of confidential details and we feel strongly that you shouldn’t share contact details on the night.  So much so, that we do not release any matches on the night and all of your match decisions are confidential to you.

Simply secretly record your decision and at the end of the night hand in your Swipe Card and matches are released the following day via your own personal login. Even following the match you can decide whether you want to stay in touch via the online messaging system which is included in your ticket price for the event..

Simple as that! Let 2019 be the year you ‘Try a New Way of Dating’

So save yourself from reoccurring online dating fees and the cycle of disappointment and join Vis-à-Vis for one of our events near you.

Coming soon as well as our Premier Speed Dating Events are Singles Nights and Couples Events across the South, starting in Weymouth and Dorchester.

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So why speed dating? As someone who is not a stranger to the dating scene, I came across many of the same frustrations as maybe you have? A short spell in London, introduced me to an unchartered world of well organised speed dating events.

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